Specialty Care With A Gentle Touch
Our goal is to educate and empower each family as we work together towards the highest level of health and well being. We promise to provide quality comprehensive care with kindness and integrity.

Bee Happy Children’s Dentistry is an office that is fully committed to the dental needs of not only children and teens, but also infants, toddlers, special needs children, and special needs adults. Dr. Heidi and her highly trained staff are dedicated to their goal of providing both high-quality dental care, as well as happy dental experiences. Our practice philosophy is based on dental prevention through education and early treatment. Dental cavities are preventable, and research has shown that an early start in maintaining your child’s oral health (first exam by age 1) is instrumental for giving your child a cavity-free future. We encourage and teach our families how to develop good dental hygiene habits and nutritional choices. Every procedure your child will have is explained in a positive and child-friendly way. For your peace of mind and for your child’s sense of security, we welcome you to accompany your child during their dental visits. We believe in positive feedback and rewards to earn your child’s trust and respect. Our goal is to build a happy, positive relationship with both you and your child. We look forward to meeting you soon!